But No one came But No one Tried


I was there, when the city burned,
I was there, when the city cried.
I was there, when it all happened,
With every death, I screamed, I cried…

But no one came, but no one tried…

Had one tried, others had come,
As some knew me and I knew some,
They shouted from somewhere, far far away,
RUN People ! RUN! , Here are they.

Everyone ran shouting this around,
But no one told, who were they…
They came from all directions !!!

Children cried, women cried, and their men were brutually slaughtered,
Those who were found to be in bed, were happily smothered.

Came out of darkness, dissappeared into dust,
And i saw it all from dawn to dusk.

The gates became hot, and hell broke loose,
From different kinds of deaths, they were told to choose.

Came as maniacs, went as same,
No one even knew, what were their names.

I wailed, i cried, i died with them,
And i killed,i shouted, and laughed with them.

I am dead, but really am i ?
I am sad, but really am i?

I was killed again & again,
Till the killer himself cried.

But to my aid no one came,

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