i love the rain, she hides my tears

I love the rain,
She helps me hide my tears,
She helps me fight my fears.

I love the rain cause she comes n goes,
And with her around, I forget my woes.
When she’s soft I feel like crying,
When she’s not I give up trying.
I let the nature always win
And let the rain wash away my sin,
I love she as she comes I love she as she goes,
Because when I cry, nobody knows…
I just feel sometimes this way,
To me, this rain has something to say,
She tells me to forget my pain,
And to move ahead so I could gain…
As she touches my face, I sense
There are emotions in her so dense…
She has a heart, who had loved someone,
She had been hurt, by that same someone
So she comes down every time,
To forget what happened and to feel the chime
She washes away others tears,
But still hasn’t coped up with her fears…
I wish I could be rain some day,
Cry it out, yet help others pray
But still I think she does the good…
Does what she wants and not what she could
I love her not because she rains
And not because of what remains
I love her as for fighting her fears
And she also helps me, hide my tears…

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