Is it real or just a bad dream???
My love left me, and I was alone.
From then on I was all on my own

The feeling killed me, somewhat very pissing.
And I knew in me, something was missing.

I told my heart, it will be all right.
And tried to live with all my might.

I kept missing her, as she was so dear
Why it happened was, very very clear.

I knew I couldn’t live without her, even though I gave it a try,
Now my heart’s gone, life’s gone and just want to sit and cry.

I have died a million deaths and will continue with the same.
And to die for love a thousand deaths, I know is not a shame.

If she comes to my grave, she might find this written

“Here lies a person, who fell in love with an angel.
But she had to go back, and took his heart away with her
He loved her when was alive, loved her when he died.
By the time she came back, and he cried and cried and cried and cried, and cried till he died”

4 thoughts on “MY LAST POEM…

  1. mr. mathur..a poet…? ? ?its unbelievable sir…i didnt thought of tht u write so well someday..bcz thru by ur nature nd attitude u seems to be a funky guy…gud to see tht u carry a poetic soul hearted heart to write and present ur thoughts,views nd emotions in this respect…well wht i saw in u after reading ur poems is tht hav core heart 4 all girls true love feelings 4 bt bt…u still havent got ms.right in ur life…m’i right…?all the best 4m my side.keep it up..

  2. hi……… was realy gud…… even i write poems……. r u fine???? it is d best way 2 expres feelins…… wel done……… al d best 4 ur rest of ur poems……take care…. enjoy…….. byeeeeeeeee………..

  3. hi!!buddy..nw i understnad y u sit in the sun in the class..its bcoz u want to be lonely in a crowded place..hats off to u boss..really heart touching..keep it up buddy..n whenever u post a new poem plz tell me..these poems are really heart touching..

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