Is it only me who always tries,
But in the end who always cries?

I loved a girl, and she broke up
I was left in tearful tub

I thought I might hide my pain
Thought would only cry in rain,

I lived with broken heart for time
Then saw a girl, thought she was mine,

We were together…for a year long
Then everything turned out to be wrong,

I broke my heart, bid her goodbye,
Thought I would never give, another try,

But then I found my love in friend,
And she was the one who changed my trend.

I did not know when we fell in love,
I did not know when we drowned in it,
All I knew was, she was my life,
And I did not care about others, not even a bit.

But now her old love has come back to her,
And I am scared she’ll leave me,
I cannot live without her, I know…
But think she wont believe me.

I’m scared I’ll lose her forever,
I’m scared I’ll see her never,
I am scared for I love her so much,
I’ll long for her, that one, beautiful touch…

I’m scared she’ll go away from me
Far, as far, as far can be
And I will die a thousand deaths,
Everyday, with no one to see…

I will breathe, and I will walk,
But my soul would’ve ceased
I will live, if you call this living,
And wonder why life is such a tease…

I’ll go to sleep, for ever, one day,
And will never wake up again,

I’ll be with you, in my dreams
And will never, be alone again…

I always knew you were my life,
Had thought of making you my wife,
Thought we’d spend our life together
We’ll have a good time, as beaut as feather.

I hate to mention this thing to you,
That I love so much, sweetheart,
I love you and will do anything for you,
Even sing while sitting in a shopping cart,

Now you are away, I don’t deserve to live,
So I am going away forever,
I hope you miss me once atleast,
Cause I wont ever return sweety, never,

I know I might sound a li’l crazy,
But love I am going to die…
And this poem, dedicated to you…
Is my life, my final GOODBYE…


3 thoughts on “GOODBYE

  1. their is times sir when u feel lonley in amongst thousands…well tht was ur query ans.this “goodbye” opem is truly hearted written.with soul touching effects…who ispired u 4 this…?nyhow its very nice and friutful to read…keep going..keep writingtake care

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