Yesterday night I had a dream

Yesterday night I had a dream,
A dream in which we were together
Got blessed by a thousand angels
And you were as beaut and soft as a feather…

We walked down the road, in a starry night
We walked into the sunrise, till moon threw some light
As we moved down the road, you came closer to me
Hands in hands we passed a many streets, which none of us cared to see…

I was so lost in you, I forgot it was a day
I forgot we were together for years, forgot we used to play
All I saw was you and me, walking on a gravel path
We walked into a small forest, away from the sun’s wrath….

We talked, we danced, we laughed, we clapped
And on the way, sometimes, I even got, lovingly slapped
I didn’t know when the day ended, I did not want it to go
I couldn’t say this, then my love, but I want you to know….

I love you ‘o my angel, you are the one for me
Cause when I am with you my sweet, I can be for sure…me.


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