AUGUST 29TH 2009

Hey reader(s),
Hope more than one person reads it. Izzat ka sawaal hai. Khair forget all that stuff. Today was a really weird day, have been getting into unnecessary problems since morning. but when i thought the day was changing, something happened that changed my opinion. People have been calling me a fake for some time now, but i still don’t know how to react to them. Had a face-off with a friend on face book (look at the humour part). Since morning i thought i was in deep problem. Twice got scolded for talking in class. Fell down from stairs, TWICE!!, went to get the photographs i had given for printing, but that dumbo did not print the most important photograph.
One good thing that happened to me was that Manchester United won the Premier league today. It was Manchester United vs. Arsenal, and ManU won by a score of 2 goals to 1.
Guess that was the only thing that was supposed to be good. Both my room-mates are a little dejected today. One is still fine, spending time with the people he likes, but the other one is lost into himself. He told me that he was depressed today, but the match wasn’t the reason. “mujhe saala ghut ghut-ke marna achcha lag raha hai” he said with a smile. I could see the sadness in his eyes. But we changed the topic by laughing it off. For the first time i heard him singing. he sang from his heart. As i heard him singing his heart out, i remembered the poem of Solitary Reaper.
Another of my friends is going through a hard time in his love life. He had a fight with his Girl. and now they are not talking to each other. hope they start chit-chat soon, or else its gonna be a lot of problem for them.
I feel as if everything around me is going down. Its like you are on the Hull of the ship, watching it go down when you cannot do anything about it, neither can you save it from drowning, nor can you jump from the ship to save yourself. I just wish i either had some power, or some people to talk to right now, who would help me out of my own depression.
Funny Na..? how a person gets depressed?
Think about yourself, and you might get depressed, but think about others and you will surely get depressed.!!
Going to sleep. Good night diary. Hope next time i write, it is something good.
Keep your fingers crossed…GOOD NIGHT!

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