World’s Coolest Intern

Now here is news, and there is news,
And news is everywhere around….

you can see the news up in sky,
or while walking when you look at the ground…

now here’s the task, the task to survive…
make sure that you and your team thrive….
make sure that you come out strong,
as in this case, there’s no right or wrong… {not literally ;)}

An intern is sought after a lot these days,
an intern that’ll help them win….
An intern that will make sure they do the stuff,
and still enjoys all his sins….

All i can say, is that i am the one…
the one that you’re looking for…
I might not swim, in rough oceans,
yet i’ll take you to the shore for a walk….

i’ll help the team, clean up the room….
as i can still think while holding a broom,
i’ll ring the bells and gong the gong…
yet i can sit on facebook all day long…

i am on twitter, tweeting around…
i am on facebook waiting to be crowned,
i am on blogger, blogging my stuff…
and yet i feel why dont i take a puff…

i can chill out all day…
yet work round the clock….
i can sleep with my eyes open… {i hope that counts as positive ;)}
yet i dont let out a sound….

now i am running out of lines, as my watch shouts the task…
i have mentioned my other blogs, email id, etc….
please do mail me… if there’s something you wanna ask! 😀




and many more…. 🙂


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