Dreams of a common person,
to become uncommon,
is really very common,
to achieve all this is tough,
have to go through a lot of rough.
You get some,
You lose some,
But in the end u have achieved,
For what you have worked for.
Dedicatedly working for something,
Or hardly working towards dedication,
Sets the individuals apart,
Leading towards the ultimate declaration!
Some work for money,
Some for pride,
But success stays with those,
Who doesn’t let blow the mind!
Success is not always materialistic,
Its upto you to decide,
Which success you wants on your side,
When you are in the winning stride!
Follow your dreams,
dont follow the patterns,
coz the patterns were once a dream,
which were made with inner lantern
Just a small poem,
To get the focus on reality,
To show what needs to be done,
And whats being done!

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