A girl no one knew

Once there was a girl.And what a girl she was. Long hair, flowing like water, a little dusky complexion, pure black yes, mesmerising smile, a nice body, nicer personality, and a beautiful voice…

She had a nice sense of dressing she had, and was reason of envy to other girls. When she walked on streets, she always got second looks from men.But little did people, who thought she was beautiful and happy, know what kept going in her heart and mind.

A beautiful smile, better body, and even better eyes. These were some of the compliments she kept recieving, but little did people find out what was underneath this viel of beauty and happiness.

There was pain, a shattered heart, lost hope, and a search for a reason to live. She was living, if you consider breathing as living.

She had a heart once, which was broken in love, a hope for happiness, which was lost in time, a trust that had been shattered.She was living, all alone, all alive, smiling, laughing, but neither loving, nor happy.

It was long time back, she had loved a boy. She had loved him with all her heart. She thought she would spend her life with him. But little did she know what fate had in mind for her. Maybe she was not meant to smile, to be happy, maybe…


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