A writer’s letter

Dear friends,

I am a writer. Maybe not a well known writer, but I am a writer. And I am a writer because I keep writing, irrespective of what people say. I do have other things to do too, but I take out time for writing, It may be a moment or an hour, at night or early morning, but I write, that’s why I am a writer.

Please do not judge me on the basis of what I write. Just because I write sad stuff, it does not mean I am sad. Writing about suicide doesn’t make me a case of suicidal tendencies. This would be something like saying that a guy who writes love stories is always in love, or who writes adult books is having an experience day and even. Please do not judge me on what I write. Chances are I am happier than what I wrote, and certainly do not have suicidal tendencies, the guy who writes about love has never experienced love, the one who writes adult stuff is still a virgin.

The best way to kill a writer is to judge him on one genre of writing. You might have seen me writing all sad stories, or all adult stories, which does not mean I do not write anything else. I might be writing one of the best things you read on web under a different name.

To all the readers, this is a humble request that please do not judge me on only one genre of my writing, if you really want to know me better, either ask those who know me well, or those who have read more than one genre of my writing.

A writer who wants to make is mark in this world

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