Life – a bus ride

Life, I feel, is like a bus ride. When you are born, you climb on to this bus. And believe me, its one hell of a ride.

When we climb on to this, we are surrounded by many unknown faces. During the ride, we smile at some and frown at others. We make friends and share our seat and thoughts with them, and we make enemies, who we want to push out of the window.

But whatever we think of, we look at people and think, where would this guy get off?

Another thing we are always looking around for is what stop is it?

First stop: School

A stop where you meet a lot of people, the bus keeps going to various small stops reaching towards the major stop which is also the last one. Many people change bus from this stop, and thus, a lot of names are lost in the smoke behind the bus, while we carry on with our journey…

Second stop: College

A smaller, but more essential stop, which changes your life forever. It is here when passengers meet people who will stay with them for a long part of the journey. People find the ones who would share their seats and lives with them. And most importantly, people, around these stops, find those who will stay with the till the last stop.

Third stop: Work

One of most bumpy ride is experienced on this part of the journey. There are hills and plains, storms and rains, but in the end, if you stay true to yourself, have faith and stay focused, you reach the next stop. The speed may vary, but the results won’t.

Fourth stop: Death

The first three stops play important roles in your ride, but this is where it all ends. This is the stop you need to get down at, and here, you get down alone. Through your journey, you meet many people, laugh with many, cry with some, laugh at many, cry for some, but when you get down at this stop, the tables turn, you get down from the bus at a stand, and you see a lot of faces looking down at you, some crying, with tears flowing down, and you wish they would stay happy, as its your time to say goodbye, and they need to carry on with their journey.
So you get down, and wait for the next bus, which will take you to the other side, into the calm, away from the worldly pleasures, to a place where you can be alone yet complete.

I feel we are all, in a bus, our buses meet at stops, and we take different ones from each stop, but what we should not forget is that we need to stay focused on our life, rather than counting the number of stops, because in the end, we have to get down at a stop without any luggage. And also, I call it a bus ride, but people used to cover the same distance by walking down the path of life before these buses were manufactured…


PS: Some people travel in luxury buses, some in a low cost one, but in the end, the destination remains the same, a place where you get down, all alone, to cross the road and walk to the other side…

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