The girl in grey coat

Metro, is something I dread. I hate the crowd, the lack of space and the amount of carbon dioxide in the air, not to forget the amount of filth coming from people who travel(not the odor, but filth and cheapness).

It took my friends 2 hours of flight and 20 minutes at the Delhi International Airport to convince me to board the metro linking Terminal T3 to the metro station.

As we went underground, towards the metro station, I realized this was one of the most quiet metro stations I had ever seen in my life. I was completing the environment when suddenly something caught my eye.

It was a grey coat lying on a carry bag. There was a lady standing right next to the bag. She was a Punjabi maybe, wearing a salwar kameez. But there was something wrong. The coat was small for her. “She can’t wear this coat, this is too small for her”. I had just started thinking when she arrived.

A slim girl, wearing blue jeans, a black turtle neck top, glasses with black frames, white and blue Reebok shoes and danglers. Her hair were flowing, reaching her waist and she kept running a hand through them.
After sometime I realized I was staring at her, so I looked away.

The metro arrived, and as we entered the bogie, I realized she and her mom sat right opposite to us. It was a 20 minutes journey, so both my friends started listening to music. In no time, they were both off to sleep.

I looked around to see who all were in the metro, just to realize that we were the only two groups traveling tonight. I looked at the girl once again, she was reading a book by Nora Roberts, but she seemed a little unfocused. I looked away and started looking at the lights and fog outside the metro.

After some time, when I looked at her, I realized she was looking at me, and as soon as I looked at her she looked away. We had many more of these instances, and then finally our eyes met. I gave her a small smile. She gave a smile back and started reading her book again.

For most of rest of the journey, I kept enjoying the lights of the tunnel we were passing through, they were kind of making me feel high. Our eyes did meet a number of times, and we smiled at each other, but we did not talk.

She and her mom got down at a station before us. So I helped them unload the luggage on the station. And as I sat down on my seat again, I could see her standing near the escalator, wearing her grey coat while smiling at me. She waved me a hidden bye and with a very big smile, stepped on the escalator.

Though we were silent most of the time, I think I found a friend on this small journey. And though we didn’t talk, and our eyes met only a few times, I know if we ever meet again, we will surely recognize each other as the people on the metro. she will always be the girl in grey coat. A friend, with whom, I shared some special moments of my life, even without talking to her…

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