It was a dark night; the moon was high in the sky. The gates of the bungalow were open and the lights were out. It was all dark when I entered the house, and it gave me a creepy feeling. Something was not right. Just then I heard somebody scream somewhere above me, and I ran towards the place from where the sound came. I was surprised to see the door of my uncle’s room wide open, as he always kept the door closed and as I looked into the room, I found the maid lying on the ground, next to my uncle’s dead body.

I entered the room and found my uncle lying in a pool of blood. Just one hour ago, I had talked to him, and he was happy because he was going to be the next mayor of the city, but now, all his contentment had been washed away by the blood.

The policemen came, and I was told the weapon of murder was a large shovel or something of that sort. He had been hit on the head a number of times with a heavy tool. The weapon was found next day, hidden in the bushes, was an iron rod, blood stained.

The victim, my uncle, was an expert politician, and always knew how to get things done. He had vast contacts. But as good the contacts, he had a number of rivals and enemies too. He knew many people, and he knew how to talk to different kinds of people. He had received a number of threats, but he was never afraid of them. Even when I told him to take them seriously, he used to tell me

“One day, all of us have to die.some will die early, some will die late. But in the end, they all would leave this world.all those who are born have to die. And this is the circle of life… the only difference is, some circles are bigger than others”

But it happened and his dead body was lying in front of me. Blood spilled out of his head as if a bottle of sauce had been broken.

The policemen took a week to list out all the suspects, including me. The case which had caught the attention of media and the whole city did not have a lead. The only thing certain was, the murderer was very close to him, or he would not have entertained him in the middle of the night.

The suspects were called one by one, out of twenty one suspects, I was the last one.
The maid, butler, driver, his ex-wife, his close rivals, would be enemies, almost everyone he knew, everyone was summoned by the police, but in vain.

The main suspects, the butler, was sleeping while the murder took place. The maid was found unconscious near the body, so she was not in a state to say anything.

Even the newspaper boy was questioned. But the main suspect, watchman, was missing from the scene.
The possibility of him getting murdered by the maid and the butler was ruled out in a couple of days, but there was still no trace of the watchman. Finally he was caught when he returned from his village. He stated that he had been sent home a day ago by the ceased, and had took first bus out when he heard about the murder.
“I never knew all would happen, or else I would not have had left.”

He said that he had received a call from his village and somebody had told him his wife had an accident. He was told that his wife was in critical condition and he needed to return back to his village immediately. But when he reached the village, he found everything to be perfectly normal. It was a hoax call.

I was felt sorry for him, and gave him a sum of five hundred dollars. Everyone was astonished to see this but I convinced them that he was telling the truth. He was told to stay in the city till the investigation was over. After this incident, the needle of suspection turned on to me. But I was easily found to be innocent because he was the only one I ever had. He had brought me up, he was the one who took care of me and saw that I excelled in studies. He was so close to me that he even used to call me when I was staying out of station for studies. He had been an essential part of my life.

And the more they searched, more they got under pressure… Many more mysterious murders took place. Our watchman was killed on duty, so it was thought that even my life was in danger. After much persuasion, I agreed to keep two policemen with me, always.

They were a headache, more than guards, they tried to test everything before I used it. They even put cctv cameras in the house in order to keep an eye on me. My phones were tapped, and I felt caged. After two nights another incident took place, I was reading a novel in the library when I heard something. There were footsteps all around the place. I heard someone shout, and then, there were bullets fired. I called the police that moment. As I told them the address, the door behind me opened. I was hit on the head and that’s the last thing I knew.
I woke up in a local hospital after two days. I was told that my house had been ransacked and if the police had not come on time to kill the stalker, I had been dead by now. But to my luck, the only person dead was that man who tried to kill me. As for those two guards, they were caught off-guard and were in ICU right now. I was told that they had been drinking from my bar, and thus had been easily knocked down even though they tried to stop him. I thought how lucky I had been, to have seen death into face and returned alive, because not many had done so.

I was told that one who had almost murdered me was a close relative of Alastor. A notorious contract killer. The case became more complicated day by day…

After two month long investigation, which had almost become a headache for police department, only one person was found to be a prime suspect, an assassinAfter two week long investigation, only one person was found to be a suspect, a hit man who already had a charge of four murders on his head but was still absconding. When the police reached his house, he was found hanging from the ceiling fan. There was a suicide note that said

“I am sorry for what I have done all these years. I never wanted to become a killer but circumstances made me kill people.
Anyone who reads this note, please tell my wife, I am really sorry that I could not keep my promises. I love her very much


So, after so much pressure and problems, the case was closed. And I was relieved from the charges. I was allowed to continue with my job as usual.

As I drove my convertible out of the bungalow, I realized that I was free.

Only I had known who the real killer was, it was me. I laugh when I think of it now.
I had always told him that I wanted to live on the outskirts of city. Happy and alone. But he wanted me to join politics, and help him carry out his tasks. He was so desperate that he even took away my love, Alice.
Alice was my love, my life, my everything. She had been the most beautiful part of my life. And she had been murdered by Alastor. In front of my uncle. She was suffocated to death by a pillow. And my uncle had stood there and laughed while Alastor had suffocated her to death. She tried to reach out to him. She was pleading for her life, but he did not listen. Did not show any sympathy, and he let her die.

I know all this because my maid had seen everything with her own eyes. She told me everything before she died. How she died? She had slipped from the staircase, and I was the one who had talked to her in her last minutes. She had told me each and everything that had happened. I hated my uncle more than ever…

As for my uncle, I myself had gone to Alastor, gave him ten thousand dollars to kill him. He was a little surprised to see me, but I promised him that he would never get caught in his lifetime. And I had kept my part. He was dead before he was found, so in a way, he had never got caught in his lifetime.

I had the honour of killing him with my own hands. Before killing him, I made him right the suicide note, and asked him to show as if he was committing suicide. I told him I wanted his photograph with the rope around his neck, so I could prove he was dead. Then, I removed the stool. I kept standing there till he died.i was happy to see him writhing with pain and suffocation. I kept looking at him till he died. Till the soul drained out of his body. I kept looking at him till hehis body stopped writhing. For a second, it stretched, as if trying to expand itself as much as possible, then, everything stopped. He was hanging in front of me. Lifeless. He had been silenced, forever…

The murder of the guard was an accident. When Alastor came to meet me, the watchman recognized him. Thus Alastor had to kill him. And as far as the attacks on me are concerned, they were all planned. The timings, the place where I would be found, everything was planned. The stalking, the attack, everything. I had left the bar open so that they would drink from it. And as far as Henry, Alastor’s younger brother is concerned, he had been still alive if he had listened to me and had ran away. Only if he had not stopped to steal. Only if…

And as I drove out, I understood the fact that sometimes, in order to regain your freedom; you have to become what you dread of becoming. And that’s what I did. I know I might get caught some day, but till then, I will live free. Without any uncle, without my love, alone. I will not love again, nor would I be able to live calmly, for I have sinned. But in all, I will live freely, free of fear, free of restraints, free of self, FREE…


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