This one starts when they were babies.By they, I mean Adam and his friends.
And among his friends, there was one particular person,”Angel” whom he loved very much.
She became an essential part of his life, infact, she became his life.
And this is their story

Even though all of them were brought up together, He never knew he would fall in love with Angel. He had loved Bhuvi, or he had thought so. After three years of relationship, Bhuvi broke – up, saying that it was an infactuation. After his fallen relationship, which he had thought would never end, he changed a lot. Now he had started believing that there was nothing known as love, it was either, Lust, or an Infactuation.

He tried to get into a lot of relationship but in vain. And when he thought he was fed-up of getting into relationships, something happened. He was not sure what it was, so he kept quite for a long time. He had not been so close to Angel in years. He thought finally he had found love, but was still reluctant.

So it went on for days till he felt that even Angel loved him. So, that it was not a one-sided relationship after all. Even though everyone around him had started to feel that love, he dared not ask her. It was when he started getting a feeling of losing her, he proposed to her.

But it was not all that happened. One of his friends, Kamna had aske him if he loved Angel. And he was not sure. So that night he made up his mind to know the anser, and to his happiness, she “accepted” the proposal. But he needed to tell her how much he loved her, so he wrote a poem for her.
“I really truly love you”

i love you.. It’s like…


When I’m with you, My heart skips a beat.
When you kiss me, my heart skips a beat.
When you hug me, my heart skips a beat.
When you hold me, my heart skips a beat.
When you hold my hand, my heart skips a beat.
When you call me, and I hear your voice on the other end, my heart skips a beat.
When you talk to me about silly things, important things, life, love,the world,my heart skips a beat….
The list just keeps going…
Everytime I see you, my heart skips a beat…..
I feel,without you, It’s like I would have not enough heart beats,but just enough to stay alive to live…..
I really truely love you.

Maybe it was his luck, or his poem that did the trick. Both of them agreed to be in love, but were still not going around. So after a couple of weeks that passed in love, they agreed to tell about their relationship to everyone(Adam convinced her into that decision). So their relationship was brought toeveryone’s notice while they all were going to a nearby mall.

And that’s how their relationship started.everytime they thought they would go on a date, the situations did not allow, but still they found a way to handle the situations.

On their first one, they were invited for a dinner at their friend “Aathmika’s” grandparents 50th anniversary at the University Campus. But still they found time for a little chat and a sweet cuddle.

As for the second, all friends had went to the mall, and still Adam was able to steal a kiss form Angel…
But just like any other love story, every love story has a negative characters. In this case, every other character was a negative one. The society did not allow them to be together, as Adam was a Hindu and Angel was a Christian. Adam’s last girlfriend who was so desperate to have him back that she was ready to kill anyone to get to him. Adam’s mother, who tried to be so possessive about Adam that he sometimes felt he could not breathe.
And last but not the least, one of Adam’s college friends, who had a liking for Angel.

So their relationship began, a sweet relationship with no side-effects. They were happy when they were together, and when they were not together, they used to chat. But after some time the dark clouds of problems covered their relationship. Those who did not like them together polluted Adam’s brain against Angel and their relationship almost came to an end.
It was their close friends who supported their relationship, and helped them to regain confidence into each other.

The friends helped them to remember hteir first hug, the sweetness of their first kiss, the feeling of being loved. It was their friends that helped them to rejuvinate the relationship and trust to such an extent that nobody could come between them.
So after so much problems and complications, they finally came together. Forever.

And the end of the story???????

Well their relationship came to an end. Not because they parted, but because they got married and were bound into a new, more sweet, and more exciting relationship, which itself was full of surprises. And they lived on, getting into a new relationship each day, and enjoying every phase of their life, TOGETHER.



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