My ex vs. The aliens of Independence Day movie

This is not a story where my ex will go and fight with the aliens for saving my life, just a comparison of my ex girl friend with the aliens of the Independence Day movie.

Firstly, the commonalities

1. Both believed in using the resources and moving on to someone else.

2. Both chose the targets keeping in mind what extra they can get from the target, in addition to usual resources.

3. Once they leave, the planet or guy would be left broken and lifeless

So now, that we have some fundas right, let’s see how they both fare.

The Aliens of the Independence Day movie vs. My ex

They first came god knows when, but their first interaction was the Roswell crash in 1955.
My ex came as I friend I don’t know when, but first major interaction was when she was heartbroken four years back. Her boy friend had dumped her just after her yearly exams ended. That’s when she crash landed into my life

The Earthlings keep the details blocked under Area 51 and the aliens die.
I kept a part of my heart for my best friend, whom I was starting to adore. I gave her a shoulder to cry upon.

Then suddenly one day, a spaceship arrives, saying “surprise people, let’s spend some time together, and we are not telling you our intentions yet”. Well, do I need to say what my gf said?

The next thing earthlings knew, aliens were killing them, destroying their lives and literally screwing their happiness. Ok. Maybe the aliens were more focused on killing people and using resources, but she wasn’t. Walk straight, don’t wear brown, why are you wearing sandals?, wear some other clothes, you look pathetic in these, I wanna watch an SRK flick, not some junk transporter movie,etc etc. Well, my ex was more focused on screwing the happiness and daylights out of me, in addition to destroying and killing me.

So now, that the earthlings know that they are being screwed, they counter attack, after a couple of futile attempts, they send a ship inside the main spaceship. The ship is loaded with a nuke which detonates after 30 seconds of its launch. YOU CAN NEVER COUNTER ATTACK YOUR GIRLFRIEND! As soon as you start a counter attack, she sends her shields up, starts crying and complaining stuff from here and there, thus, screwing your happiness again. Every time I tried a counter talk, forget an attack, all I got was 2 buckets of tears. GIRLS, please note that if you cry too much, it pisses us off too! Please keep your emotions in check!

So, there is no counter attack from my side.

In movie, there is a happy ending, the mother ship gets destroyed, we celebrate Independence day and live happily ever after. I so wish that was the story with me. She came, screwed my life, and as the sources of energy and life started getting exhausted, she moved on to someone else.

So, my GF wins against the aliens of Independence day, and I am the one responsible for it.


PS: I know you’ll read it, this one’s specially for you miss(I wanted to use some good description tags, but I am trying to keep my post clean here)…


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