The Silent Night

There was once a town near New Romney. A town that no longer exists. To all those who do not know where New Romney is, it is a place in Kent, England. A place that was once a seaport, but is now more than a mile away from the sea. The town that was erased from the face of the earth in one night. no one heard any scream, any heavy movement, and only some key officials in key government organisations know what actually happened.

It was a dark night in the town , the 15th night of the moon cycle, making it a no moon night. There were stars in the sky, but they were partially hidden uner a thin blanket of clouds. Though no rain was expected, there was a certain level humidity in the air. As the night dawned, people went to sleep, but little did they know they were never going to wake up.

A 12 wheeler truck had stopped just as it entered the Romney Marsh area and 8 men had got out. Everyone was dressed in khakis and wore large gumboots. six of the men went in the trailer of the truck, while two remained outside to guard. Then suddenly, the roof of the trailer shifted to a side like a shutter, and the sides were shifted towards the front like curtains. The trailer became an open space, and what lay inside was a missile launcher. It looked like a Bofors tank, just smaller in size. It had a tattoo of Био-666 on it, making it impossible for someone else to understand what it really meant. One of the men loaded what looked like a glass missile in it and other took their positions at the corners of the trailer, holding on to something.

A minute passed in silence. They made sure that there was no sound, no activity that could disrupt their operation. Then, one of the guys signaled the man on the far side of the truck. The man came close to the launcher, started the launch sequence, and went back to his earlier position. A launch sequence had started on the machine, which could be seen on a small panel attached next to the launcher. After a while, the light on the panel turned red. There was a small jerk, a cloud o smoke emitted from the end of the launcher, and the glass missile was shot up in the sky, that too without a sound.

As soon as the missile became airborne, everyone put on their masks, put the shutters of the trailer back on. Soon, the truck started and went ahead on the road, without much of a sound. it was more than remarkable or a truck, as the only sound that came was that of shockers when it hit a bump.

The missile was a means of experimentation, and it held the fate of more than 1000 people who lived in that town. The missile had been locked on to a specific building. The objective was to maximize the damage, without much of a sound.

As the missile reached 500 meters above the locked building, it exploded. Shattering the glass into tiny pieces and covering the building and nearby homes in a blanket of gas.

As the gas came down, it not only went inside the building, but also started covering other parts of the town. Soon, whole town had taken in the gas mixed in air. The next day, no one woke up.

There was utter silence, with sound coming only from the birds and animals that had survived the event of last night. the sun rose, just to bring out the biggest successful experiment of all time. And this experiment, was the first meeting of London with biological warfare.

No one knew what had happened. A biological weapon had been fired, a town had been turned into a graveyard and more than 1000 people had died. The gas, that had got mixed in air reacted with those who took it in while it was harmful. Eight hours later, when the sun had risen, there was no trace either of any weapon or any harmful gas. All that was left was little white dust that eventually got mixed with dew and vanished.

in one night, a group of foreign scientists had conducted an experiment, and even thought the result had been far more than they had imagined, they were happy that the experiment had worked.

The government ran around frantically looking for traces and clues, but in vain. the only clue they had was the mark of truck tires, that vanished halfway through the road. In the end, the whole event had to be buried and the town was erased from every map in the country.

Most of the people who were working on the clues are dead, and the ones that remain are not to be found. On the other hand, a group of scientists still celebrate the night as the silent night, the night when their first major experiment was successful.


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