The village

There was once a small village deep in the mountains of Himalayas. A village that was not known by many. They had not seen any visitors in long long time. Nobody went out for work, for they were satisfied with what they did at the village. The potters, carvers, builders, pillagers, huntsmen. They all were at their best when it came to work. They were living, surviving and thriving together. They practically did not need any outside help. But then, happiness does not last forever. Neither did theirs. And when the problem came, it swept the village away. There were no more songs. No farming, no pottery, and soon the village turned into dust.

It was the night of the twelfth moon. People had completed their evening prayers, had thanked the gods and goddesses of the river and mountains. Their god had been very happy with them, for this time, their crop had been better than ever. Everyone was in a merry mood, but little did they know about what the night was bringing for them.

In the second quarter of night, a group of torches entered the village. The torch would go into one house and then come out, as the torches came out of the houses, the houses went into complete darkness. It was like they went inside and blew off the ‘diya’ of the houses.

Once all the houses went into complete darkness, they went to what looked like the center of the village and start putting houses on fire. One after another, they kept lighting up the houses like lighting up the haystacks that were not to be used. They put all the houses on fire, and even though the rage burnt down those wooden and hay made houses, there was no sound. No one got up. No one shouted. There was no activity.

The houses burnt till there was smoke and foul smell all around the mountain. Many animals came towards the houses, but refrained from going inside. By the fourth quarter of the night, all houses had been burnt down, and what lay instead of the once a happy city were ashes and ruins. The roofs had caved in, the walls had been burnt. There were no signs of any person being there. The closest thing to mankind was a half burnt skull that could be seen in one of the houses.

The village was burnt down; there was no sign f life anymore. Those who had seen the fire at night had thought of it a forest fire, which had made them think and then forget about. The whole village had been burnt down to cinders and no one knew why. Maybe one person did. But maybe. For a girl was found near a village 100 kilometers from the village that had been…


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