Attempted Fashion – A semi-formal combination

When I got invited for the ‘Airtel Grand Prix – Mercedes’ party few weeks back (thanks to a great friend Akshita and the technology blog ‘Buggingweb‘ that I write for), I kept thinking of what would be a suitable attire for the event.

I kept thinking on what to wear to the event. Should it be a three piece suit of just a pulllover and a pair of jeans. After much confusion and a tiring election process around wearing either office formals or casuals, I figured out a combination which in some sense, had bits of both the options. So I combined the apparels I had and created a somewhat semi-formal look.

I combined a white shirt (self stripes), a pair of denims and a ‘Blackberry’s party coat to go with the look. Even though it didn’t look like it a head-turning style, I felt it was apt for the occasion as I saw most of the people present at the event in either suits or work casuals.
imageMe in my combination

The event was nice, with drinks and great non-vegetarian food. Guests wore a variety of designs, and Nico took the stage in his usual white tees.



Luckily i got a compliment for my style. So i am still confused, was the style really acceptable, or was there sarcasm which i could not read.

PS: This is my first post on fashion, and that too from a phone, so please ignore the errors. Will rectify them soon.

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