Creation of Shiva

Once there was nature in it’s most raw form. Nature knew everything, saw everything and heard everything. Nature had no definite form, and it knew it had to take bond to prove that it existed. Thus,  from the purest and most powerful part of nature, something was created. This was the symbol of nature being there. This was…. A Shivling.

From the Shivling was created Shiva, who. We refer today as Lord Shiva, Neelkanth, Mahadev, etc.

Lord Shiva was created from the nature to be the nature. He knew everything. He was ‘Trikaaldarshi’, i.e. he knew the past, the present and the future of the universe.

He was not born, for had he taken birth, he would have had to die. He was created as the one who had the power to destroy the universe in a matter of seconds, yet who would not alter time and space until extremely necessary. He was created to make sure there was always a balance in the universe.

With the third eye, lord Shiva saw all, knew all and felt all that happened and that still happens in the universe.

Lord Shiva, after his creation, knew what he had to do. So he created lord Vishnu and then Lord Brahma was created. The trio of Brahma Vishnu and Ae then took up their responsibilities of creating the world, taking care of the world and making sure that the life cycle completes itself.

The lord of the lords, as Shiva is known, never took birth. He is an image of the nature for us, to tell us that there is a supreme power that can destroy us in no time, yet is calm enough to let us do all the things we do, good or bad.


Note: this interpretation of the creation of lord Shiva is what few people feel is true, this might not be the truth, but comes close to it.


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