A series of unfortunate events…

Here’s what happened with me today. I missed office, I missed visiting one of my closest friend’s marriage. And I missed it all because of the rains…

Woke up to see heavy rains. It was as dark as a morning can be. Got out on the roads to search for a cab. Finally got an old ambassador which broke down after couple of kilometres. Waited for a cab/auto/bus/anything that would take me anywhere near office for more than an hour. Called up my boss who sweetly gave me permission to work from home.

The cab guys I had booked for my interstate travel called and said they don’t have a cab, and the next cab would cost me 1500 bucks more. Looked for alternatives but all were out of budget. Tried booking a cab but till then it was too late. Same for the trains too. Booked a flight ticket but couldn’t find cab or driver to take me to the airport. Came back from half way to the airport, half crying and half agitated.

A bad day. A series of unfortunate events. An experience worth sharing. And still, two good things happened today. 1. The day came to an end, and 2. Met up with few friends who helped me get out of my misery.

Whatever happens happens for a reason. If you’ve given your everything to something and it still doesn’t happen, it wasn’t supposed to maybe…


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