Walking in the rain…

I stand here at window, staring at the dark sky,
With rain pouring down, as if knowing I want to cry,

I wish I had that hand, to hold mine when it rained,
To comfort me when I cry, to hold where it pained,

I cry in my heart, afraid of what people would say,
Afraid I’ll get shot with words, like dogs who go astray,

I know I haven’t been so good, I know I’ve hurt people,
But that doesn’t stop me from being who I am,
From being someone who would make you smile, even when there isn’t a cam,

I walk a different path than other’s, a path that’s dimly lit,
A path where I’ve been hurt, I’ve fallen, bumped and bit,

The darkness doesn’t stop me from walking, the slippery road is my guide,
I might get drenched in the rain that pours, but the weather is on my side,

I like it when I walk in the rain, it helps me hide my tears,
For when I come out of the darkness, it holds back my fears,

It helps me smile at the world that’s shown, for I am a part of the show,
I’ve been and I’ll keep performing here, be it being a joker, or a crow,

It takes more than a man, to being a joker,
making people laugh while you cry,
And if you haven’t brought a smile on someone’s face, trust me its worth a try…

I’ll walk the path I have chosen, for those faces to which I bring a smile,
And it is for these faces that I’ll walk alone, go in the rain another mile…

What you read are pure emotions and thoughts. No editing has gone into these.

(Written on the go with WordPress for Android | Samsung Galaxy Note)


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