The drive (1/2)

“I don’t effing wanna work again!” he said to himself as he came out of the office. “Eff the work! Every effing person in this bloody office is a jerk!” . He was swearing under his breath and trying to light a cigarette when he saw her come out of the office. Dressed in a black dress that could have stopped hearts. A halter neck that went down till her knees. A white belt and string of pearls took the look to another level. She walked past him as she wore her fur coat and went on to the main road.

He had been in love with this girl ever since he had laid his eyes on her. Every time she stood up at her desk, he would feel a sense of ecstasy overpowering him. His speed and quality of work would drop drastically for those few moments when she would turn around and look into his direction. She wore the most perfect clothes and had the most perfect eyes. Men saw her as a dish, hot and ready, ready to be devoured, but he had looked deeply into her eyes. unlike other men, who could move their eyes above her cleavage, he wanted to look in her eyes.


“Let’s go idiot!” he heard someone shout, as he came back to his senses. He lighted up the last cigarette of the pack and threw the pack in the bin. He slowly walked to the parking lot, where his car waited for him. A silver sedan, that came to life when he pressed the button on his central locking key-chain.

He threw his laptop bag at the back seat and sat behind the wheel. “Another effing day comes to an end. Hope I get out of this hell-hole soon!” he thought as he revved up the engine a bit and took his car out on the road.

He was getting out on the main road when he saw her. She was standing there, on the sidewalk of the road, trying to stop a taxi for herself. He knew where she lived, for he lived in the same area. He took a deep breath and was about to leave when he realised something. She was mildly shivering, obviously because of the lack of warm clothes knee down. 

He waited for a couple of minutes before making a decision. Then, he took his car out on the road and came to a halt near the sidewalk, right where she stood. He could see an expression of surprise as he rolled down the window and asked “Would you like a lift?”

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