The drive (2/2)

“Would you like a lift? I am going towards east. I can drop you wherever you want on the way. So? Would you like a lift?”

He waited for her to answer. He wanted her in the car, but he was sure he did not want to come across as a pervert. “Would you like a lift?” He asked again. She looked at him for what seemed like an eternity, then she said “Sure. Can you drop me at a train station?”  she opened the door and sat in the car. “Anywhere near east would be helpful.” she said, half smiling and half shivering.

He revved up the car again and started driving. She took her hands out of her leather gloves and put them in front of the air conditioner which was throwing out air warm enough to suffocate someone to death. He turned on the music and went back to driving. He could not believe she was sitting there. Right next to him. He could not believe he was driving her tonight. He kept on driving, while his heart pumped thrice as much blood in his brains and body as it normally would.


An hour had passed and none of them had spoken any word. She was better now. Though her hands stayed in front of the valve of air conditioner, she had stopped shivering. He had thought of talking to her at least ten times, but could not utter a word. He needed courage. Something that was more than lacking right now. He tried opening his mouth to utter something, but then closed it. “Damn! I am a mouse. Can’t even talk to a girl!” He thought as he looked at the car in front of him taking an exit off the main road.

He could smell the fragrance of rose, something that was unique to the piece of art that sat next to him. He kept looking at her from the corner of his eyes from time to time. He knew he had to say something. This awkward silence was killing him. It was taking his life away with every passing second. He thought he would say something and looked at his right, just to find that the girl of his dreams had fallen asleep.

She looks even more beautiful when she sleeps. He said to himself as he drove through the city to the other side of town.


They were parked in front of the train station. He had reached here ten minutes back, but could not wake her up. He was mesmerized by the beauty he saw in front of him. the girl in black dress, sleeping on the seat. He could not take his eyes off her face, which glowed in the filtered light that came through the water-droplets covered window. He waited for another couple of minutes, before she stirred. With a heavy heart, he knew what he had to do. He jerked the car a bit, and as he had expected, she opened her eyes and came to her senses.

“We’ve reached already?” she asked, looking out of the window. This was the first time in last two hours that she had actually said something to him. She had not spoken a word since she had got into the car. “I must leave. Or I will miss the train” she said, taking her coat and gloves from the back seat. “Thank you for dropping me here. I would have frozen to death if you had not come to my rescue.” she said as she got out of the car and wore her coat.

“What was I thinking? She could have had missed her train and I would have dropped her home. Such an idiot I am!”  he was thinking in his mind, abusing himself of committing the biggest blunder of his life, when he heard something that he could not believe.


He was lying on his bed, half asleep. He still could not believe what he had heard. “Good night. See you at office tomorrow” she had said with a smile as she closed the door of the car. He could still see her climbing the top stairs of the entrance and waving him good-bye, as she walked into the station.

He was happy, for he was going to meet her at office tomorrow. He could feel his heart throbbing loudly. Loud enough to make him drink two more glasses of water than he usually drank. He was not worried about a bursting bladder, but about the heart that was about to come out of his chest. He calmed himself down with much effort, “This day has not been as bad as I thought it was” he thought. “Let’s see what happens tomorrow” he said to himself, as he found his way into the land of his dreams, where he was with her, and today, she was wearing a black halter neck, knee length dress, with a white belt and a necklace of pearls.


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