Discussions on Facebook – Everyone chooses to see the million things you are not!

“You are a thousand things but everyone chooses to see the million things you are not!” A friend from school, Priyanka Kandoi, had put this up as her Facebook status some time back. I could connect with the update so well that I shared the update on mine.

A few of my friends got in a discussion, and the following is what was said, in so many words…


Update: You are a thousand things but everyone chooses to see the million things you are not! courtesy – Priyanka Kandoi

Rohan Singh: What’s wrong with the people of the world (and that includes me) !!

Ankit Mathur: There’s nothing wrong with the people, it’s how they are taught to look around them, it’s how they are brought up…

People grow up with so much negativity that their souls start turning black by the time they ripe, thus, their vision becomes limited to what they are shown… or, in other words, what they are taught to see…

Rohan Singh: Everyone has a choice.. To walk with the crowd and thus, remain in their comfort zone or apply their brains.. Goodness knows people love to remain in their shells and that is the thing which is wrong with them..

Kanika Kohli: I think its more like you are a million things but everyone chooses to see the thousand things you are not but if you don’t bother about what others think and just focus on d million things that u rly are you gonna do great!

Ankit: @Rohan, totally agree with you. People are not ready to step out of their cocoon. All they have to do is dust off the dirt they see, and who knows, there might be a treasure chest buried under the sand… But they won’t touch the dirt, because for them, fear of getting their hands dirty is bigger than happiness of finding something new…
Rohan: You are right @Ankit
Ankit: @Kanika, true… but in the end, it’s all about what OTHERS say about you. Those who know you are considered as biased towards you, and those who don’t know you well are the ones who create your image in the ‘market’… One might be a great guy and help people out, but if he goes on to help everybody, guys would say he is a flirt and girls would say he might need favours, which, in the end, makes him a bad guy… Isn’t it so?
Ankit: @Rohan, we all are… it’s just that some are more right than others… power you see…
Kanika: I feel and believe that good deeds never go unrewarded and also its a matter of choice! I choose to be good and not stoop to the lowest levels just to fit in somebody’s narrow perspective!
Ankit: …and that’s where the catch is, either you go down into the quicksand, to a level where you would never want to go, and from where you might never come back… or stay on the bank, and see others stooping low, just to hold the rope hanging above, and climb to the top of the tree…exceptions are always there though…
Kanika: Come on Ankit you too young to be that cynical! Never take anything seriously, believe in yourself and take a back step and let things take their own course!
Ankit: People are not serious, they don’t want to grow up.. World wants them to… Btw, Kanika , I won’t call myself cynical… experience is no longer dependent on age… it’s a matter of what you’ve seen happening with others that teaches you…A senior once told me, people who learn from their mistakes are wise, and those who learn from others’ mistake are smart, I might be neither, but I have seen few lives in this quarter of a lifetime
As it was getting late, the discussion ended and we went to sleep, the discussion was never talked about again, till today…
Priyanka: Priyanka is a friend of mine from school, lives in pleasant part of the country and is pretty good with sarcasms and dressing up.
Rohan: Rohan is a fellow blogger I met at a meet. He writes on travel and has one of the most interesting Indian travel blogs I have come across. (http://travelerrohan.blogspot.in)
Kanika: Kanika was a colleague in an organisation I worked with. We met at work, and we still talk from time to time about everything else.
*Thank you guys for letting me put this up on my blog as a post.*

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