Confession of love – Only if you would come into my arms…

Only if you would come into my arms, we could see the world in a different light,
we could indulge in the most beautiful sin of the world,  and by the end of it, i will make you fall in love with me…I promise. But that will happen only if, you come into my arms.

I cannot promise that we’ll be together forever,  for death will have its play. I cannot promise you’ll always be happy, for fate will have its play.
What i can promise you is that most of the time we’re together, you’ll love being loved, being pampered, and we’ll make beautiful memories,  for the time when we’re not together.
I can’t promise you that i will hold your hand forever, but i promise you i will be by your side,  like a bird’s feathers.

I’ve never told you this outright, and I might never do so,
So these are few lines, to just let you know,
That i am in love with you,  and i love you with all my soul,
For you are the one,  who, my heart,  for ever, stole.


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