Love. It is an interesting phenomenon.

Love. It is an interesting phenomenon.

You hope to get what you would never think of under normal circumstances. You get highly emotional about frivolous things. Your heart becomes the authority and your brain goes into an exile. You wish to spend 36 hours a day with a person whom you would’nt even want to spend 36 seconds after a break-up. Music preferences change. You start dressing up. Suddenly looks become important. Texting her/him is more important than sending an urgent mail. Craving to look at her face is more than any other craving, including sex! Whatever she/he says sounds right, whatever she/he does too. There are no wrongs. Most boring of the topics become interesting. Shopping is not bad anymore. Gym membership doesn’t seem to much somehow. Noticing power improves, so does the want to get noticed. You would love to kiss her/him, but not sleep with her/him. Holding them in arms means a lot more than anything else. You feel safe when you are with her/him, and there is an unexplained emptiness without her/him. Suddenly, priorities change, so do people. You change, so do your thoughts and words.

Love. It is an interesting phenomenon.

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