Thoughts about her

As I lie on my bed, smoking the last cigarette of the day, I realise there’s something missing around me…
And as the clock ticks away seconds from my life, my heartbeats speak up, and resolve my quarrel,
It is not something, that I skipped doing today, but someone, I miss being close to,
for when I am with her, I am who I am, not someone who people want me to be,
And I can smile, straight from the heart, not give the plastic one, that people want from me.

And as I think more about her, some words start flowing,
My heart craves for her smell, and her smile, her skin, beautiful and glowing,
She is kind of far away from me, but my heart tells me she’s pretty near,
And falling to death isn’t a scare anymore, it’s losing her that I fear.

I wish I could tell her, how I want to be, the person she might love tonight,
The person she might make love to, under the stars shining bright,
These thoughts would soon cease to come, as I fall into the abyss of dreams, but to her, my heart shall beat all night, and her name, shall it scream.

I hope to meet her tomorrow again, with smile that brings sunshine,
And if she smiles, when I tell her how I feel, my life would be more than fine.

I know you’re reading this angel,
I know you’ve heard my plight,
Just in case you feel what I feel,
Join me for a drink tonight?


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