The first call

He reached out for her, one last time. It was a sequence running in slow motion. Beethoven’s ninth symphony played in the background, as he fell from the sky. There was a smile on his face, a tear drop rushing up into his hair and wind in his face that wouldn’t let him breathe. There were buildings around him, dimly lit with the dark sky creating a dramatic background. He was losing altitude. He could see her silhouette, far below, getting lost in the mist that now covered the city he once loved. he was falling, and so was she. There was no way he could catch her. He tried, but as soon as he thought he was nearing his aim, he saw the ground coming up fast, and lying in a pool of blood, was the girl he wanted to hold for one last time. He could smell his own blood, waiting to get splattered on the road. He thought, for a second, maybe this will stop, but then he crashed into the ground, once and for all.

Fuck! I had woken up in the middle of the night with a headache and an irritating sound right next to my right ear. It was few seconds later I realised that it was my phone ringing.

“Who the fuck calls in the middle of the night?” I asked myself as I picked up the phone.

“Hello?” I said, half shouting, with a mind to screw that bloody caller’s happiness.

No reply

“Hello?” I said again, in a calmer voice.

This time, there was a voice at the other end of the line.

“Hi. I’m sorry to call you at this hour. But I need some help. I’m not asking for anything, but stay on call. Will you. Please?” said the voice.

There was something about this voice. It was a girl, maybe in her late twenties, a little intoxicated, but knew where she was going. There was a sense of direction in the way she talked, yet, there was nervousness.

“Why should I?” I asked.

“I’ll do whatever you ask me to. Just stay on the call till I reach home please. I don’t trust the cabbie I’m about to get, and I don’t want him to know that I’m alone. Help me please?”

“Sure. But how did you get my number?” I asked.

“I’ll tell you everything, just stay with me for some time.”

“I’m here. Calm down.”

“Thank you. I’m just getting in. The conversations might drift around a bit. But please bear with me.”

“Sure. Whatever you say.” I said, letting out a small sigh. I could feel It was going to be a long night. An interesting experience.

And it was. An interesting conversation, an interesting night, and a lifetime worth of memories. For the story, had just started…


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